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3/10/08 12:43:45PM
According to this New York Times article, today marks the beginning of the UFC’s public campaign to legalize MMA in New York State. Eleven years after it was banned by killjoy governor George Pataki, Zuffa has launched to massage NY lawmakers into realizing that MMA is safe family entertainment. And at no small cost: Prior to the launch of the site, Zuffa made a $25,000 donation to the state Democratic party, hired a political consulting firm used by current New York governor Eliot Spitzer for media relations, and has had the $10,000/month Albany lobbying firm Brown, McMahon & Weinraub on retainer since November.

Anyway, take a gander at the site, which combines a mix of positive news coverage (”Associated Press: Anheuser-Busch ad deal is milestone for Ultimate Fighting”), original fluff pieces (”MMA Events Draw Tourism and Tax Revenue to Host Cities”), explanations of the sport’s honorable history, and good old-fashioned charticles. But the best part is the athlete profile page, where dudes like Keith Jardine, Kenny Florian, and Joe Lauzon — awkwardly stuffed into button-down shirts — try to explain that MMA fighters are just as educated as you are, if not more so, and don’t turn to the sport because they can’t do anything else. (Lauzon’s an IT guy!) But unlike the other guys in their office-ready wear, Matt Lindland keeps it real in his IFL jersey. It’s very possible that no photos of him wearing collared shirts actually exist.

LINK (to newly zuffa launched website )
3/10/08 12:48:30PM
UFC is new york would be huge.
3/10/08 2:07:08PM
I live in New York State...we need MMA.
The New York State Athletic Commission is.......$%@*&#!!
The New York State politicians are....*&^+#$@ (* #$^%!!
It's only a matter of time New York State MMAniacs!!!
Can you say Madison Square Garden????
Smaller promotions will pop up in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Ithaca, Binghamton, Watertown, all over New York City and maybe even some of the smallercities as well.
It is long overdue!
If there is any holdup or roadblocks....all of us NY MMAniacs will march on Albany!

3/10/08 4:25:15PM
well Spitzer was linked to prostitution and is now expected to resign so i would how that will play with using one of his media relation guys but NY his a huge market that mma needs to jump into cause the profit from it is wroth the expenses.
3/10/08 4:42:41PM
I enjoy how this site is run by the UFC and at the same time in the "Athletes" section their is a picture and brief comments by Matt Lindland... didn't they just say they didn't want Lindland fighting for them? They don't want him in the organization, but will gladly use his example to further the sport.
3/10/08 5:08:48PM

t’s very possible that no photos of him wearing collared shirts actually exist.

Lol, that gets you a prop! Well done sir. I guess being Irish i dont have to worry about stuff like this, but can MMA not get legalised without paying lobbyists and political parties, surely public opinion helps more?
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