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12/31/07 5:04:38PM
I dont really have any big plans at all. Just going to be hanging out with my friend Amy.

Hey wish me luck.
12/31/07 5:37:25PM
Good luck don't forget the booze(sometimes helps)
12/31/07 7:02:06PM
Sitting at my desk revising for a Plant Biology exam :)

Yeah, call me sad, but Ive been to work tonight, and there was no transport available so I couldn't see my lady, so I'm at home. Hey it just went 08.

Happy new Year my friends
12/31/07 7:45:29PM
Watch college football, Raw, maybe some poker, and alternate between my iPod & PS2 before i fall asleep. I'd hit the gym but it's already closed and won't open again until tomorrow morning.
12/31/07 8:23:51PM
Stay home, get drunk, and spend time with the family. I wish everybody a safe and a Happy New Year to all MMA fans on this site. 2008 is going to be a great MMA year. Let's hope it will be as good as 2007!!! So keep your hands up and chin tucked for 2008!! YEAH BABY!!!!
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