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1/1/08 7:46:21AM
what a great bunch of fights. here are a few of my thoughts and id be curious to hear what you guys thought of both cards.

fedor vs choi

what struck me about this one was that choi looked pretty tough. he is way too big to ever fight in the ufc but there are a number of possibly interesting matchups for him. fedor looked good as well although he looked like a midget vs that goliath. i was kinda worried when he had that monster on top of him but he pulled it off like the champ that he is. i would hate to hear people saying that him getting beat by someone who is a super hw made him no longer the best hw so im glad that choi's size didnt allow him to pull off the upset.

aoki vs jung bu kyung

wow what a fun fight to watch. like a lot of people i was really bummed abou t not getting to see the jz fight which was the one i was looking forward to the most of the entire night. that young judoko could really do things in mma though. he showed a lot of heart and tremendous subs, ive never seen aoki in that kind of danger before from subs and for almost anyone else that would have been game over. judo guys who have great ground games are my favorite type of fighters so im looking forward to seeing this guy again. and he took the fight on like a weeks notice.

bustamante vs takado

another great fight. i thought bustamante did enough to win but oh well. i thought the final reversal was enough but the announcers and judges saw it differently. i need to watch it again but it seemed to me that aside from that one punch and the ground action that followed that bustamante controlled the rest of the fight.

akiyama vs misaki

back and forth war...i really thought misaki was done for and he pulled it out. be interesting to see what they do with the decision. i dont know the rules and if four point strikes are illegal or if your knees need to be down...

kid vs yahya

kids striking looked great of course. i love to watch yahya fight as he has real heart. i was bummed he didnt get to try to work his jits more and just kinda banged though. kid was so much bigger and overwhelming though that i guess he couldnt. good example of how a great fighter can make someone fight on his terms.

melendez vs ishida

disappointing loss for gilbert. ishida is really tough,underated and is a tough fight for anyone. melendez will be back imo and better than ever he just got beat by a super tough guy last night and even that is a little controversial. as others have said i would of preferred a draw or better yet a third round.

minomaman vs zuluzinho

yikes that was a good example of why these freakshow fights suck...

manhoef vs nishijima

strong showing by manheof but not really much to say about this one.

sakuraba vs funaki

this was a fun one for me but i really wish sakuraba would hang em up. he is one guy that whenever he fights i cringe a little as he has taken so much abuse. anyways a very nice showing to be able to submit someone who is as talented on the ground as funaki, whether he is past his prime or not.

sap vs olegun


anyways what did you guys think of the fights? did you enjoy them as much as i did? great business move to essentially copy the pride model if they want to compete with the ufc. if they set there business model as being a pride that is global and in america as well they could potentially really give the ufc some stiff competition.
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