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1/1/13 7:18:12PM


Bellator 85 - January 17, 2012

Rick Hawn (14-1-0, 7 Bellator vet) vs Michael Chandler (10-0-0, Bellator/Strikeforce vet) [LW Title Fight]
Patricio Freire (17-1-0, 6x Bellator vet) vs Pat Curran (17-4-0, 8x Bellator vet) [FW Title Fight]
Renato Sobral (37-9-0, UFC/Strikeforce vet) vs Mikhail Zayats (19-6-0) [LHW Tournament Quarterfinal]
Seth Petruzelli (14-6-0, UFC vet) vs Jacob Noe (8-1-0, Strikeforce/Bellator vet) [LHW Tournament Quarterfinal]
Emanuel Newton (18-7-1, 2x Bellator vet) vs Atanas Djambazov (17-2-0) [LHW Tournament Quarterfinal]
Jason Lambert (25-12-0, UFC vet) vs Hector Ramirez (9-4-1, UFC vet)
Mike Guymon (14-5-1, UFC vet) vs Savant Young (10-9-0)
Joe Williams (7-1-0) vs Jamie Yager (6-3-0, UFC vet)

CFA 9 - January 19, 2012

Luis Palomino (20-7-0, 6x Bellator vet) vs Luiz Firmino (15-6-0, Dream/Pride vet) [Lightweight Title Fight]
Valdir Araujo (11-3-0, 2x Bellator vet) vs Marcelo Alfaya (14-6-0, 2x Bellator vet) [Welterweight Title Fight]
Alexis Vila (11-2-0, 4x Bellator vet) vs Joshua Sampo (8-2-0) [Flyweight Title Fight]
Victor Delgado (6-0-0) vs Sean Soriano (6-0-0) [Interim Featherweight Title Fight]
Shah Bobonis (15-7-0, Bellator vet) vs Pablo Alfonso (7-5-0, Strikeforce vet)

Edit: Updated to include newly announced Bellator fights, even more legit now
1/1/13 7:28:52PM
Looks good to me mate, I would email hippysmacker, he should be able to get the card up.
1/1/13 7:34:41PM

That's a good event right there.

I'd send Fleek a pm as well. He's really been quick with the L2 updates.
1/1/13 8:56:54PM
And the survey says...... Yes!
1/2/13 4:00:10AM

Posted by kopower

And the survey says...... Yes!

1/4/13 9:10:05PM
Updated with a few additional fights
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