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6/21/07 11:10:12PM
Whats the average wager for fantasy wagers? not a gambler but feel like im decent at calling fights.
6/21/07 11:14:40PM
I put 50-100 on each fight but I'm playing it safe since its the first event. People are going to be puting everything on the line so they can try and be the top earner.
6/22/07 7:39:49AM
Yeah, forget about winning the $100 event prize unless you're willing to throw down you're entire bankroll on some underdog. You know SOMEONE'S gonna do it, and win a huge amount of fantasy money.

50-100 here and there, a couple huge wins on an underdog, and a lot of luck will probably win the season.

6/22/07 1:42:48PM
thanks guys, appreciate it
6/22/07 2:52:27PM
yeeah i think i'm going to wager abit on everyfight with ways the wagering has change i want to hold on to as much cash as i can so i'm not out of it for the top 10 at the end of the season.
6/23/07 10:06:24AM
hey everyone i'm new here and i was wondering if you have to bet all your money on the first card? and do you get a 1000 every card to bet with? sorry if this sounds stupid but me and my friends don't really know how it works. hope to hear from someone before the picks get locked and i can't change anything.
6/23/07 12:06:19PM
The 1K is for the entire season. Lose it betting, and it's gone.
You will receive extra fantasy cash for each correct pick you make, so you should never be totally broke, unless you really suck at picking fights.
6/23/07 12:17:01PM
thanks alot for answering my question.
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