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POLL: Good idea?
You are insane and make me furious 20% (3)
I like it 7% (1)
10 pounds is too little of a spread 13% (2)
HW division is impractical/ 205ers wouldn't do well 7% (1)
Don't want a change at all. 40% (6)
No changes except HW name to Mackdaddy Division 13% (2)
7/9/08 10:48:31PM
I'm probably already after only a few weeks but I felt compelled to throw out a post.

Personally I think the sport is in need of adding (1) new weight class so there won't be a 20 pound spread between middle weight and heavyweight.

I threw this together a year or so back when I realized that given 4 to 5 years there would be a crapload more fighters.

Also I think this solves the heavyweight problem as there are not many talented fighters that weight over 235 pounds walking weight and so much talant at 225 walking weight.

I say a 10 pound difference in the divisions would work

135 bantamweight
145 featherweight
155 lightweight
165 welterweight
175 middleweight
185 lightheavyweight
195 cruiserweight
HW- mackdaddy division

Think about a heavyweight division stacked with fighters like Rampage, Griffin, Machida, Maybe Liddell, Timmy, Gonzaga, Nogueira, all together.

And every division could have only a 10 pound spread with merely 1 division being added.

Keep in mind although I mentioned current fighters above this is only my consideration another 3-6 years down the road when there are a crapload more fighters in MMA and the names were just thrown out there to give a visual of the transformation of the HW- Mackdaddy division

I might catch hell but I want to see what actual educated MMA fans think about weights and future changes.
7/9/08 11:02:54PM
I don't know, it just wouldn't be heavy weight anymore. It would be light heavy weight. Also i think there is tons of talent fighting at HW that simply wouldn't be able to make that type of cut.
7/9/08 11:13:46PM
I meant 195 and up would be HW. So there would be a lot more competition. I know the weiht aren't that different from the suggested ones but mine are as said before meant for future fighters.

If nothing else there needs to be a change to 205 to make it 200 or maybe change all the weight classesa little so either HW's get more fighters or there is a les that 20 pound massive divide.
7/10/08 1:42:38PM
I like the current classes.
I don't want any more than 5 weight classes b/w 155 and HW.

I wouldn't be opposed to adding a 140lb featherweight.
7/10/08 2:07:16PM
I like the weight divisions how they are now, but i wouldnt mind seeing a 195 pound division, and id like a 220 division for the smaller heavyweights like vera and mabeys Mirko.
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