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3/16/09 3:54:19PM
Wanderlei Silva on his childhood, his motivations and his future

When Wanderlei Silva was in the UK recently, Fighters Only managed to drop in on his seminar at London Fight Factory and get a few words with him. Often described as one of the nicest people in the MMA game (outside the ring of course!), Wand more than lived up to his reputation. He sat down with us for a long chat and a very revealing interview.

3/16/09 5:00:52PM
As i see it Wand has to fight Rampage again before all is said and done.

I think Wanderlei is legitimately worse for the wear given his brutal career full of wars. A lot of fans who are new to the sport may not see the allure since Rampage has been a notch above Wand for the past couple years.

For those of us who remember Wand from classics vs OG's like Guy Mezger, Tito Ortiz, Sakuraba, and Minowa-man and Rampage as the guy who would lift people over his head and king-kong them, it was always worth a long download, blurry video files, and crazy japanese announcers to see these warriors.

These two have to finish what the started, and what we are all now imbroiled in from the past decade of their careers.

Only problem is ....if Rampage wins its tied 2-2, and this aint soccer.
3/17/09 12:35:51AM
Damn, now I want the Magazine.
3/17/09 9:35:27AM
Wandy is still the man.
I just wish he hadn't hit his peak yet, and was still as dominant as he was in Japan.
I like Rich a lot too, but I would be a very happy man if Wandy can end this fight as quick as he did his bout with Jardine.
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