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4/28/07 4:49:23PM
let me know what you think...
Fanboy 1988
4/28/07 6:04:01PM
Nice! I liked how you showed a mix of his new and old fights, and the song wasn't to bad either
4/28/07 6:43:40PM
Thanks man, I tried not to use too much 'played out' footage, lol
4/28/07 7:43:10PM
awesome HL I favorited it props to you
4/28/07 10:41:49PM
Good HL. Ramstein works well with Wanderlei's stare and barrages of knees.
4/29/07 3:14:08PM
short and sweet
Good stuff.

Oh by the way. The best part was the consitency. All of the footage was basically fo the same quality. Made it muhc eaiser to watch.
4/29/07 4:40:08PM
I just watched it on sherdog

is that you?
4/29/07 7:09:13PM

Posted by Manfred

I just watched it on sherdog

is that you?

Yeah, thanks for checking it out!

Madmarck, thanks for the comments... Im trying to take all of your advice to heart, and its helped... I appreciate the tips earlier...
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