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9/8/08 11:45:05AM

Mirko Crocop has released a new training and Interview video. He talks about leaving DREAM and how he is pissed at overeem
9/8/08 2:59:02PM
Video has no english, or subtitles. All it states under the video is:

"Key Points in English:

Thinking of joining a new fight organization.

No retirement any time soon

Very pissed at Alistar Overeem, and his comments.

Plans a UFC return, but not in the near future. "

Unless you can speak Croation, there isn't too much here. But, if someone does speak Croation, can you please translate parts of this...I'd like to know his feelings about DREAM, and why he is considering leaving. I think that ship be sinkin' soon, especially if their top draws think about jumping overboard.

As far as Overeem goes, Mirko is probably better off letting his legs do the talking. For as rediculous as that war of words has been, I'll actually be happy to see this fight come and go.

9/8/08 7:47:41PM
I hope he does well against Overeem, I am a big fan, Mirko has been on a bad run. I think he has it in him to come back to the top again. He has always been exciting.
9/8/08 8:39:36PM
not really much there about leaving dream he said he doesnt know yet
-his sick of ppl talking on the net about him how hes afraid and stuff and that he will go back to ufc when he wants to
-pissed at overeem for saying that he ll knock him out fast and that hes old
-haha and basically said that if he gets knocked out by overeem that he will got to amsterdam in some stadium and that he will put tar all over him self and run around the laps until police get him and throw him in mental hospital and deport him back to zagreb croatia
Again not really much about leaving dream except that he will come back to ufc but not when people tell him to but when hes ready and when he wants to
9/9/08 1:48:52AM
Cro Cop may be afflicted by something
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