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7/12/07 2:30:18PM

7/12/07 3:24:47PM
finally.....i hope it looks,and plays that good

Amazing video

I've been watching E3 on G4 hoping to see news on this.

7/12/07 3:26:11PM
oh my goodness. I can't wait. Glad I have a ps3
7/12/07 3:33:22PM
I doubt the actual gameplay is gonna look like that, but if it is even close to it, this game is gonna be amazing.
7/12/07 5:50:41PM
The video looks prerendered....cant be real gameplay

and its gonna come out on every platform.....not just PS3
7/12/07 5:59:45PM
Looks great, I just am really curious on how they're going to work out the controls, especially for the ground game...

EDIT: I would like to see them work off of a FN model... Using the joysticks instead of just another button masher
7/12/07 9:07:08PM
I don't think a UFC game could ever live up to my expectations.I picture being able to create your own fight camp or being able to join the Lions Den our Miletechs' team.You could create a fight camp online and face member of other teams and create rivalries.

Instead of being able to throw unlimited punches you have an endurance meter that is actualy worth a crap.Throw too many shots and your fighter starts moving sluggish and does less damage.He also becomes more vunerable to being knocked out.I would also add a self inflicted damage meter.Throw to many heavy shots and a meter flashes on the screen that you are at risk of breaking your wrist.

Add in doctor stopages due to bleeding.

Career mode starts your fighter off as a potential canidate to be a contestant on TUF.

If the new game involves any of this I consider it a step in the right direction.
7/13/07 12:56:50AM
this is as close to god as you can get good find
7/13/07 1:11:30AM
I just hope it looks close to that it would be amazing. cant wait to see and play it

THNX for the link
7/13/07 3:20:13AM
here are some pics of the game ok:
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7/13/07 6:57:41AM
Iceman aint lookin like the snowman no more.
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