A new twist in the M-1 purchase rumors

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10/21/07 2:24:53PM
An update on all the rumors surrounding the buyers of the promotion including some of the sources of past rumors that are now defunct, and a new source regarding the possibility of AEG Worldwide purchasing M-1, AEG owns the LA Kings, Los Angeles Galaxy, and a ton of other teams as well as many venues throughout the U.S. including the Staples Center.

10/21/07 2:48:55PM
wow this aeg company seems like they have boatloads of money.

lots of money and lots of venues

i think we're on the way to something beautiful here
10/21/07 3:43:23PM
See this is exactly why the UFC need's to get their guys signed! If this is true there could be a serious changing of the guard. Pride was extremly mis-managed, and that's why they wen't under, aeg would know what they're doing and they would have more money then the UFC, and they already have the best HW, a top 10 LHW, and a huge american star that wants to fight in their org.
10/21/07 4:12:10PM
Interesting...maybe taht's why the UFC snatched up Brock Lesnar...
10/21/07 7:35:27PM
The UFC has nothing to worry about, but I am glad there will be some potential competition for them.
10/22/07 2:25:26AM
Mitch Maxwell of Sibling Entertainment Group is another big rumor now as well. They seem to be a theatrical production company, which makes me think the rumor is absurd, but it does state they are looking into venues and are interested in Russia and Europe.

It sounds stupid to me, but some people seem to think they may be buying M-1.