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7/7/07 7:25:24PM
Just dropping a line because I am needy noob to this site and want to be properly welcomed.

I have been watching MMA since around '94 and remember when I could only get bootlegs from Brazil and Japan and kept turning up the volume on the TV even though I don't speak Japanese or Portugese.

I wish I got here earlier to put in my picks for tonights fights!

Monkey House!

Chachi Arcolla
7/7/07 7:48:34PM
Welcome man! Seems like you just missed making picks for tonights big card... O well, with the growth of the sport I promise there'll be many more to pick from coming up
7/7/07 8:36:29PM
Welcome to the site man. Hope you enjoy yourself and you've got plenty of time to research your future picks atleast.
7/8/07 3:51:19AM
Welcome to the playground there. Why not copme by and join Team underground Forum Fight Camp? Ive sent you an invite.
7/8/07 11:40:03AM
Always welcoming new members. Enjoy your stay. This site will be around for awhile. Doing great things.
7/8/07 6:00:51PM
Just missed entering my picks and I picked them all but the Marquardt/Silva fight. I consider the Tito/Rashad a push, but picked Tito to win.

Monkey House!

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