A New Thiago Alves Back In December

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9/22/09 1:01:01PM
A new Thiago Alves. That’s what the Brazilian Pitbull promises for his UFC return, on December 5. After losing the title fight against Georges St. Pierre, Thiago wants to restart, focusing in a rematch. “You’re gonna see a different Pitbull. You didn’t see my wrestling and my ground game, because I didn’t have an opportunity to use it, and I feel that my career started after this last fight… I grew up a lot as a person and as a fighter, I’m recharged and I’ll get what I want, the belt”, guarantees Alves, who’s rumored to fight Paulo Thiago, but didn’t want to reveal his the opponent. “I’ll fight at December 5… I have an opponent, but I can’t say yet”.

Man I can't wait for his return..and to see him back in action ...

9/22/09 7:52:13PM
he's fighting paulo dec 12th i doubt he fights at tuf finale when main event and co main event is already booked,
9/22/09 8:16:55PM
if i had a dollar for every time a fighter said were gonna see a new version of himself.id be a guy with alota dollars.

also he said we didnt get to see his ground game because of WHAT??? i think he said because he didnt have an oppurtunity to use it

i guess he has selective memory and doesnt remember GSP totally having his way with him
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