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1/19/08 2:06:41AM
This is the 1st episode of the new Team Jacksons show called "Inside Team Jacksons". This episode features Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia. Leonard talks about all the cool stuff that we've always wondered like what he and Huerta were talking about during their fight to the incredible story of his first MMA fight (you wont believe this story). I did use some questions provided by some of you on this forum as well so listen for your screen name. The link is below. For a clearer picture, click the inside box at the bottom right hand corner of the video player (On the youtube site only). Thanks everyone and make sure to leave a comment.
1/19/08 2:29:25AM
Ha! I just came across this and did a doubletake when Hotrodttt's question came up! Props to Hotrodtt and props to MMAPlayground for getting its name out there! I was about to post it when I saw your post, so my question to you Danny would be... How soon are the episodes with GSP, Rashad and Jardine coming up?

Great job with the interview, it was great to hear the inside story of the Garcia/Hureta fight, good luck with the show!
1/19/08 12:24:05PM
Awesome...can't wait to see the next one.
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