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2/2/12 8:38:21AM
I would not be surprised if this has been suggested already, or if it is already in the works: Prop Timer.

It would be cool if the message that came up stated what time you could start propping people again. As I understand it, you can prop 10 people a day, and you need to prop 10 different people before you can prop the same person again. I assume after the 24 hours, you can prop 10 more people.

Sometimes it seems like only several hours pass by after I first see I am over my limit, and then I can prop anywhere from one to three people again. Afterward, I am back at my limit. I don't know if this is something other people experience, if it's due to the server time, or just my general ignorance of how the system works.

I believe a prop timer would be cool though. That way a user could see when they hit their prop limit, and when the prop suspension would expire as opposed to a user having to guesstimate.
2/2/12 4:00:49PM
i think what i posted a little while ago might be the same thing
2/2/12 6:08:43PM
Props to both of yoooouuu........waitt.....chit limit reached
2/2/12 6:10:07PM
I remember that suggestion, I am definitely for it. I think I gave my two cents on that thread.

It is slightly different, in that your request was for a feature that (essentially) shows when you can prop certain members; whereas my request was for a feature that tells/shows you when your general 24 hour prop limit will be reset.
2/2/12 6:34:47PM
true but both of our suggestions are fairly similar...lets combine out ideas into one big prop countdown
2/2/12 9:05:59PM

Posted by Bubbles

true but both of our suggestions are fairly similar...lets combine out ideas into one big prop countdown

Good call! Perhaps the "spread the love/prop limit" messages can be changed.

For example, if I tried to prop Poor_Franklin, instead of saying " you need to spread the love", it could say "you need to prop X amount of users before you can prop this user again".

Or if I tried to prop KungFuMaster, instead of saying "you have reached your prop limit for 24 hours", it could say, "you have reached your prop limit, you will have X amount of props to give out at XX:XXam/pm"

Just my thoughts
2/3/12 12:43:42PM
I take my props very seriously. I'll be damn if I lost out on a few props because someone reached their prop limit. I really should be at around 400 props right now.

In all seriousness, I like the suggestion and I would even motion to increase the number of props one can hand out in a day.
2/3/12 2:24:19PM
One thing I don't like is the "spread the love" feature. I think that a time limit on how long you have to wait before you re-prop someone would be better. For me, I don't give props out very often, and I find that I give them to the same people very frequently, so maybe I will prop someone, then not give any props for like a month, then that same person says something I want to prop, I can't do it, it forces me to either not prop the guy, or to give out a bunch of props that I wouldn't have given just based on merit.

I think it should just be a daily limit and a time limit that restricts you from propping one person repeatedly, ie 1 prop per 48 hours per target. IMO, this would accomplish the same goal more effectively and would allow people like me who prop pretty infrequently to be able to give props out when we feel they're deserved.
2/6/12 10:54:35PM
Not sure what the interval is on props before you can prop the same person again is, but we could maybe lower it. I'm hesitant to raise or get rid of these various limits all together though, as one thing that we've learned here is "anything that can be abused or manipulated, will be abused and manipulated". Dig the idea of the timer/counter or similar interface to help take the guesswork out of the system
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