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6/18/11 2:06:34PM
Season 2 winner nickbithrey after 4 Weeks and 4 games
Season 1 winner Southside11 after: 12 Weeks, 8 sports. 3 Tiebreaker games (No favourites - Head-to-head - Tournament Finish).

We are currently in the Off Season (to gather as many players as we can) But the game will begin on the weekend of the 1st of July to the 3rd.

Please sign up whenever you want, but please do sign up and don't be shy!

The rules of this game are simple. You can pick any fighter/team on the card/day of matches No more then 2 people can pick the same fighter/team and its on a first come first serve basis. If he/they win you stay in, if he/they lose you are out. Unless specialised.

In the result of a draw. 2 Draws are considered a loss so your out. 1 Means your still in.

As we are in the off season, future weekends will be thought up at a later stage, but for now:

Weekend 1, Predict 1 winner (maximum 2 players per fighter) from UFC 132 AND the winner of Wladimir Klitschko vs David Haye (no players per pick limit)

Wladimir Klitschko - Malaussie, Budgell, dadsinoz, pmoney, Kpro, BSB, Emfleek, TheBudCan
David Haye - ...

Ryan Bader - Malaussie, Budgell
Sotiropoulous - dadsinoz, pmoney
Dominick Cruz - Kpro, BsB
Dennis Siver - Emfleek
Brian Bowles - TheBudCan
6/18/11 2:37:38PM
I'm in jj

I'll take Ryan Bader for now and get back to you on the other one.

EDIT: I'll take Wladimir Klitschko.
6/18/11 5:57:25PM
Im in as well, not sure of my picks yet though.
6/19/11 3:23:02AM
Bader and Klitschko for me as well thanks
6/19/11 9:50:54AM
Let's do this thing!

Sotiropoulous and Klitschko, please!

6/19/11 2:24:42PM
That was a quick last season......yey!!

Sotiropoulous and Klitschko will be my picks
Let's hope i'm third time lucky :P
6/19/11 5:04:55PM
Dominick Cruz and Klitschko, sorry Faber
6/19/11 8:27:52PM
I can't believe that our choice is either Klitschko or Hayes (is this even really a question?)

I'm with Kpro; Klitschko and Cruz for me.
6/20/11 6:36:48AM
im in again
6/20/11 8:31:53AM
I'm in...for the first week again.

Dennis Siver and Wladimir Klitschko
6/20/11 9:12:40AM
I'm going to take Brian Bowles and Wladimir Klitschko
6/20/11 3:28:02PM
Hey guy's thanks all of you for signing up to this season! Pleased to have Kpro on board, in my head your all in categories and I'm pleased to have another addition to the VIP section!

VIP's - BlueSkiesBurn, Emfleek, Kpro

ECP - TBC, Rabi, Budgell, Malaussie, Southside11

Hardcore Players (of Sports Survivor) - pmoney, dadsinoz, nickbithrey

Looks like the VIP's are due a win in there category!
6/21/11 2:14:59PM
Bader please
6/21/11 2:17:35PM

Posted by tattflash

Bader please

Bader's already been picked can't pick him. Also, you have to also pick the winner of the Klitschko/Haye fight.
6/22/11 8:23:55AM
Bowles and Klitschko for me.
6/22/11 10:31:02AM

Posted by emfleek

Posted by tattflash

Bader please

Bader's already been picked can't pick him. Also, you have to also pick the winner of the Klitschko/Haye fight.

Cheers for that, I quickly glanced at it as I was in a hurry.

Il take Njokuani and Haye
6/25/11 5:32:54PM
My picks are Guillard and Klitch
6/29/11 5:38:16PM
looks like i have to pick between bowles and silver
6/29/11 5:52:59PM
in that case i shall pick bowles and klitch please
7/1/11 7:02:19AM
Im going away so:


Weekend 2 8th July-10th July

WIll be nice and easy

Pick one winner from a single match from the MLB's Friday July 8, 2011 Game

15 Matches, should be easy for everyone to determine a strong favourite, 2 players per team maximum

Only make your pick once both your picks have won.
7/1/11 7:38:53PM
Ill also pick Guillard and Klitch
7/3/11 3:11:21PM
Sports Survivors are:
nickbithrey, jjeans, Rabi, TBC, Emfleek, BsB and Kpro

Please make your picks using the results and sport above

Posted on behalf of jjeans
7/3/11 3:44:35PM
Damn you Bader
7/3/11 4:52:35PM
July 8th should be Roy Halladay pitching at home.

I'm tentatively picking the Phillies.
7/3/11 4:56:03PM
I'm also picking the Phillies.
7/4/11 12:34:12PM
I'll take the Red Sox.
7/5/11 2:02:24PM
jjeans picks The New York Yankess
7/5/11 4:39:46PM
ill pick yankees as well
7/10/11 3:36:23AM
Favourites lost! Phillies are out!

Nickbithrey, emfleek and jjeans are in the final 3.

Okay look, I have searched High and low for a good sport but when I stumbled upon this one it instantly clicked.

3 of us, 2 teams, 1 winner, 1 match.

We can all pick the same team as this is purely for to show what sport survivor is all about:


Weekend 3 - 16th-17th July - Connacht GAA Football Senior Championship 2011 Final

Roscommon vs. Mayo

Mayo are -138 to win
Roscommon are +138 to win

Done the odds for us, all we have to do is pick the team, sorry guys! I promise next week will be better!
7/10/11 3:42:30AM
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