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6/28/07 12:18:59PM

it's in portuguese so here is a translation
posted today, so it can't get much more up-to-date than that


Shogun close to a deal with UFC

Mauricio Shogun is really close to signing the contract with UFC. With his brother, Murilo Ninja, who gave the first american belt to Chute Boxe, Shogun get the chance to fix his future in th US. "I had meetings with a lot of events and talked to White personally. We lost some bucks in the casino (laughs). I believe next week we are going to set this fight for september", told Shogun

However his work is already recognized by the japanese audience, the CB fighter knows that he has a hard path to take in the USA and he prefer to not choose the oponnent. "UFC is a new event for me. In the US people don't know me. I can't choose the oponnent and i hope to earn the respect of the american audience, like i did in Japan." said Shogun. About the rumors of a possible injury, Shogun calm down the fans. "I injuried my knee training. I went to the doctor, but it was not a big deal. And he said that i can train normally", he ended.


6/28/07 12:24:27PM
Can not wait to see him in the UFC. As for US and Canadian fans not knowing him that is crazy. There are tons of people that now him. Even a few of the people I know that are just getting into MMA know who he is. I know that he will not be as recognized as in Japan, but he will be well know for when he, hopfully, makes his UFC start.
6/28/07 3:02:54PM
September????? Was hoping to see him in action before that, but at least he's coming to the UFC.
6/28/07 3:26:15PM
6/28/07 3:38:54PM
6/28/07 3:40:24PM
6/28/07 6:56:49PM
Now thats what I like to hear. The Doc said its fine, go train, and knowing Shogun, thats exactly what he did. I would put him up against anyone and everyone in UFC right now and just watch him decimate em all.
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