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12/23/09 8:58:31PM
After a long discussion, we have decided to change the rules about posting links to ppv event streams. Starting now, posting links to ppv event streams on the forums is not allowed.

We have decided to change this policy for a couple of reasons:

1. The posting of links to ppv streams conflicts with forum rules and guidelines which states "Refrain from sharing links to pictures, videos, etc, that are not supposed to be shared publicly, are not legal , and/or violate the terms of use of the source website.

2. It is obvious that Zuffa has become more aggressive in finding and shutting down ppv streams. In the last year it has become increasingly difficult to find streams that are not shut down. One of the ways they find these steams is to surf the various mma forums and look for links. We recognize that there are many members who cannot get every MMA event in their community and/or cannot pay the cost of every event that is now happening in MMA. In order to keep the streams that allow these people to be fans and enjoy this great sport, we have decided to not allow them to be compromised in our forums.

Therefore from now on posting links to PPV streams is not allowed.

If you do want help looking for a stream, please post something to the effect of "Can someone PM me a link to a stream" in the spoilers forum of the event.
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