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5/21/07 12:33:12AM
I might be new to the playground but the game of mma is hardly new for me. UFC and PRIDE is basically my life and ive bought almost every ppv in the last 2 years. Im really excited that the matches we have all been dreaming about can finally happen. What do u guys think about a Dan Henderson/Chuck Liddell matchup in the cage or how bout Shogun/Ortiz, the possibilities are endless but anyways im glad i found this sight so i can be actively involved in the world of mma. HELL YEA BABY
5/23/07 3:27:21AM
Great site, glad you found your
6/6/07 9:33:01AM
i like rampage alotbut i really wish liddel won that fight so we could see liddel vs henderson. and i also thisk this site is great
6/6/07 8:16:33PM
Welcome to the playground!
6/20/07 9:05:12PM
7/6/07 5:55:51PM
welcome,enjoy the playground.
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