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11/13/09 7:02:58PM
Hello there fight fans! Just wanted to say what a great time I am haviong so far with this site...It makes fight nights a little more exciting when comparing picks and wagers with the members here.
As a new commer to the sport as a fan( about 1 year now.) I have only good things to say so far...I am a fan of UFC, MMA, WEC and ultimate fighter..female 38 currently living in the sunshine state. I hope to join a good fight camp and get my pick percentage above 60%. I am not too far off-- Just wish i had joined at the beginning of the season--well, best of luck on al your wagers-
11/13/09 7:51:16PM
Welcome to the site. When you get some time, you should check out the videos section of the site. Other organizations you may be interested in are:


I've found that it's impossible to know everything about MMA and to watch every fight. It's a treat when you stumble across something you didn't know. Read, watch and absorb! Welcome to the best MMA site on the web!
11/13/09 9:20:59PM
Welcome, you're never too new to the sport to start becoming a big fan, cheers and best of luck to you too
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