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3/18/08 10:28:30AM
Have any of you guys tried out this game? It allows you to create a player or team and develop them through an entire career by signing to a team, playing through seasons, and developing through training. Here's the link:
3/18/08 1:46:38PM
Thanks. I'm addicted.

3/18/08 1:55:23PM
Hey Fleek,

I know, I can't help but love this game! I wish I could afford a team to manage on my own, but the players are fun enough for now. I have an off day today, but yesterday's game day was great. The countdown to the game on your homepage just builds the tension up.
3/18/08 4:02:48PM
Yeah, I look forward to having a team, too. But you're right...having a player only will do for now.

What's your player's name? What team is he on?

I created a Defensive End and then scrapped it...started over and made a QB. There are quite a few out there so I may end up having him on a CPU controlled team until his skills are increased.

His name = Hank Newman
3/18/08 5:28:03PM
Right now I have a LB named Tim Hobscheid who is on the Calgary Warriors. I'm not really happy with the playing time that I got yesterday, but hopefully that will increase going forward. CPU teams usually don't pay nearly as well, so I would consider that before signing a contract.
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