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4/21/07 10:07:49AM
probably older than the majority here, but really big fan of MMA in a fast time period. only been watching 2 weeks and i'm putting the TiVo to work catching all i can...

pretty impressed with the athleticism i see...
4/23/07 5:33:42AM
Cool, welcome to the site, any questions about anything, shoot us a PM. Hope ou enjoy your stay.
7/16/07 1:39:04PM
7/17/07 2:14:08AM
I suggest getting a Netflix account. They have a lot of MMA related DVD's that you can get that will catch you up on the sport. I think they have UFC 31 to near present and almost all the PrideFC events. Throw in some King of the Cage and other various outfits and Netflix is pretty awesome tool for MMA research.
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