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6/14/07 11:24:05AM
Just wondering if anyone heard if the contract thing is figured out or if we'll get to see him fight any time soon?
6/14/07 1:16:37PM
i heard he is going to pride. if he really did he is such an idiot he would have the next shot at couture or GG
6/14/07 1:23:51PM
i heard he was just mad cause couture a title shot insted of vera
6/14/07 2:39:00PM
Vera re-signed with the UFC a couple of months ago. He could of had a title shot but he turned it down and considered going to Elite XC but changed his mind and ended up signing with the UFC.
6/14/07 4:19:04PM
from what i've heard he's opening his own school and hopfully fighting come august or september.
6/14/07 4:50:57PM
I've heard about his fallout with Kaman... I guess it was Rob refusing all of the UFC's contracts and not really Vera...

I just want to see the guy fight some more... such a waste of talent to be sitting on the shelf for so long... he ain't no spring chicken, ya know
6/15/07 2:09:33PM
I just wanna see him back in the octagon i love vera but i want to see him step up in competition.
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