5/19/10 9:32:38PM
Do you agree with any of the new rankings. I know i don't
5/19/10 10:24:23PM
What don't you agree with? I think it's spot on.
5/19/10 11:14:00PM
Rankings are so subjective I have nothing agianst these who really cares past #3 you can start making a case for alot of guys
5/19/10 11:26:27PM
It seemed the lower it went down in weight the more i disagreed.

Matt Hughes #7 WW, Lawlor #7 MW, Fitch ahead of Alves, Martin Kampmann even being in the top ten, Ben Henderson at #9 behind Jim Miller at #10.
5/19/10 11:31:17PM
I wouldn't say they are horrible, though. They seemed to be pretty good. You can make a case for most of the people past 3. Yeah, I would have Alves behind Fitch.
5/19/10 11:46:13PM
i dont know man, if you look at quality of competition it goes to alves by a mile, if you look at how dominant the fighters are against their competition it goes to alves too, even though Alves has been fighting the much tougher people.

Fitch is ranked ahead of Alves because he beat him 4 years ago. But thiago has improved dramatically since that fight, crushing opponents who he would not have stood a chance against back when Fitch defeated him. Meanwhile, fitch has struggled with the likes of Kuniyoshi Hironaka, Chris Wilson, Paulo Thiago, Mike Pierce, & Diego Sanchez in his fights afterwards.

To me, thats absolutely retarded logic. And if its not based on that solitary win, it has to be based on Fitch's record, which is even more retarded logic.
5/20/10 5:40:29AM
how is Paulo Thiago behind kos?
5/20/10 11:12:06AM
El Nino and Aoki both ahead of Florian and Maynard, that would be among my bigger complaints.
5/20/10 12:09:06PM
I wouldnt say I agree with all of them heres my opinion:

HW:Looks good with the exception of Rogers(dont see why hes ranked)

LHW:Spot on with the exception of Silva hes only had 1 fight at 205(Irvin whos not an elite LHW), maybe throw in Couture

MW:This is the worst ranked one, first off where Vitor and Franklin, second why Santiago on there and whys Okami so low ranked.

WW:Looks good except for the fact that Daley is ranked higher than Hughes, Hardy, Diaz and Kampmann

LW:Looks good except for Florians rank is way to low.
5/20/10 6:33:24PM
hw looks alright, lhw can't complain, mw is a bit odd, ww has hughes? wtf he's not looked good in a few years.

LW- Holy hell. Aoki, who just showed how one dimensional he is, is ranked about Florian? no way in hell. I have a problem with Gil being so high, but he is a title holder...

FW - I don't see where Gamburyan gets off being number 2. Just because he's the next challenger doesn't mean he should be ranked number 2, that's some shenanigans.

I also realize Faber has two loses to Mike Brown,and at risk of being called a nuthugger (disclaimer: Mike Brown is my fav of the two) I believe that recent performances should have faber a bit higher. He's had tougher competition, and his loss wasn't to Manny Gamburyan.

I actually agree with BW, at least until Torres actually shows up to fight.
5/20/10 7:10:43PM
Caesarrrr, if you tried to use the cat, it's not showing up.
5/20/10 11:28:36PM
I didn't resize it because I'm on my laptop, and my desktop isn't even hooked up. Summer semester at college blows, I move out of one place and into another for a month, and then into my new, right?
5/21/10 3:49:06AM
haha, you're still in school.....wait, so am I
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