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5/3/09 7:28:34PM
Ok, so i am a little affraid to admit this but i weigh 235lbs and am 30% BF.

i know cardio is a good way to burn off all the needless fat and high reps of low weight for the conditioning. My question is what exercises do i want to do when starting out? What type of stretching will help me with my flexiblity for kicking? I am trying to get ready for my BJJ classes i will be taking in a month or two, just dont want to really embarass myself when i go there. any help is really welcome thanks.

5/3/09 11:20:18PM
First thing first your not going to embarrass yourself, if you show respect you will get it in return. Bjj or Gjj instructors will not tolerate negative behavior in their school, and i think you will find that most people who practice the art are really nice people who want to help. As for preparing i would write the instructor an email to find out what exercises you will be doing to warm up and practice those. If thats not your thing then i would suggest bur-pees, try ten then break, then repeat three times. and suicide sprints to get your short term cardio up for when your struggling at the end of class. Also work on your grip strength, it is a very important attribute to progress. A strong grip will allow you to help keep position and prevent your hands from getting to ripped up from the Gi. Some good exercises for grip strength are plate pinches, gripers, or get a strong towel and throw it over a pull up bar and hang on as long as possible.

good luck and have fun
5/4/09 12:21:25AM
trust me, you will burn that off fast. and as far as BJJ are you doing no gi or gi? If your doing Gi grappling do what the guy above me said.

No-Gi is slighty different but i would recomend doing 15 down to one with about 3 excersise. it works ur cardio and ur muslce fatigue

15 down to 1 I.E. 15 push ups, 15 squats, 15 crunches, then do 14 push ups....
then 13.. 12... and so on. Its really good work
5/4/09 7:49:48PM
Today i was asked if i wanted to train with the owner of the gym for a day. hes a pro boxer. it was like a welcome to the gym gift. alls i know is, this is going to be a long road, but i a looking forward to the challenge.

as far as the GI, i don't really know anything about the terms.

thanks for the advice, will throw it into the work out tommorow.

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