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12/9/07 5:18:09PM
well to give some basics i am 5 10 weighing 188 ssome experinece in wrestling and boxing aand a good runner
12/9/07 5:45:17PM
What do you need advice in?
12/9/07 5:55:23PM
lol wrestling will help your jiu jitsu game, boxing will help your muay thai game.

and if you can run your cardio should be good, go in there level headed.
Don't think your in the UFC the first time your mounting someone.

It's a very fun sport enjoy it.
12/9/07 6:30:57PM
i need adivce in what kind of excersivess to help my striking
12/10/07 12:10:55AM

he's got lots of free workouts.

that work cardio, and explosive power.
12/10/07 1:10:23AM
if your serious about it you need to find a gym that has some people who are knowledgeable and can help you train jits, and boxing/kickboxing/ or muay thai to go with your wrestling. there is no substitute for good training partners so you should find a gym where you will have some.
12/10/07 12:30:42PM
yeah lol on top of
YOU NEED a camp. (well a place to train)
12/12/07 3:11:20PM
What exactly is the question, here?
12/19/07 2:07:23PM
one advice (although you probably already know).

stretch every time after you do weight lifting. i made a mistake of not doing so and i lost a lot of flexibility and range on my punches.