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POLL: What you think about an MMA quiz section added to the playground?
Definantly. 30% (13)
yes. 39% (17)
not sure 9% (4)
no. 5% (2)
that idea is totally poopy. 18% (8)
12/2/08 8:33:52PM
What do you guys think about adding a quiz section where we could make our own or post from other sites? I was on another MMA site and even though the people on there are definately casual or newbs the quizes were fun.

It would be cool because I think the posters on this site would make some good stuff from newb level to nearly impossible. A test with MMA knowedge pride on the line.

So, what you think?
12/2/08 8:35:05PM
i might not be very good but it could be fun
12/2/08 8:36:44PM
What is the differance between yes and Definantly ?
12/2/08 8:41:47PM
yes is like i would like it definatly is we NEED it lol
12/2/08 8:47:49PM
i voted for poopy, I dont need to spend anymore time on this site ha.
12/3/08 2:02:45AM
Only if the answers are only allowed to be posted in the Spoiler section.
12/3/08 2:52:04AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

i voted for poopy, I dont need to spend anymore time on this site ha.

oooo Good point! I voted yes not thinking that it would add to my addiction. I spend more time on this site than any other. I change my vote
12/7/08 10:42:29AM
I think its a great idea.
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