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11/19/08 1:10:26AM
A new promotion to be known as the World Cagefighting Alliance is scheduled to announce its planned launch later this week, has learned.

Sources within the organization confirmed to us that the WCA plans to adopt the same business model as Strikeforce, with the notable exception that it will operate in the Northeastern corridor of the United States as opposed to the West Coast.

WCA’s founders are looking to build up the East Coast MMA scene and take advantage of a void created by the demise of both the International Fight League and Elite Xtreme Combat, both of which promoted several major events in the Northeast region.

11/23/08 11:19:29AM
always somebody new that comes along and thinks they can do a better job.. time will tell
12/29/08 2:15:43PM
I cant wait to see the Marcus Aurelio vs. Chris Ligouri, im really excited to see paul bradley in person though.(cage side tickets!!!!) After he wins this fight his names gonna start going around alot when hes 10 -0!!!
12/29/08 3:41:17PM
Good to hear. I'm always looking for more local mma. UFC PLEASE COME TO BOSTON!
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