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8/25/08 12:56:36PM

Mirko Crocop has just done an interview with popular Croatian sports website, in which he tells us his plans, and confirms his fight in september. Here are the highlights of the interview.
8/25/08 1:03:30PM
itll be exciting to see him back against a legit opponent...i see him ko'n the dutchman in the first rd.....then id like to see him fight sergi kharitonov...hopefully cro cops head is were it needs to be tho
8/25/08 3:07:17PM
i hope he comes back strong
i still want to see him back in the ufc, brock lesnar vs crocop anyone?
8/25/08 5:51:52PM
I hope Cro Cop is at his best if he's going to be fighting Overeem. They dont call him the Dutch Demolition man for nothing , dude is serious. Cro Cop is in a lot more trouble in this fight then people think in my opinion. Overeem not only has the size and reach advantage in this fight but I also believe he is the better fighter on the ground. As of right now my pick is:

Overeem / 1st rd / KO-TKO
8/25/08 6:59:56PM
i didnt read the interview, but i'm excited to see him back. I hope he comes in with his head on his shoulders... and his heart just as black as when he fought dos caros jr. hahaha
8/25/08 9:41:53PM
I like watching Crocop compete. Hopefully he regains his swagger, and gets back to HL head kick knock outs.
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