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4/8/09 1:24:24PM
I haven't watched it myself yet, but I hear it's pretty good.

4/11/09 2:23:12AM
Its not the full video, but what I saw was good. Its worth it just to see how he moved in his teens and the insane skill disperity between himself and the guys he was fighting. Honestly, if I were on a commision for the Junior Olympics, I never would have let him fight. Theres a clip of him shadow boxing next to his opponent on a split screen, and there was ZERO question of who was the better boxer, and he ended up flooring the poor kid in 8 seconds. Huge waste of potential.
4/17/09 5:55:08PM
I've acquired a copy of this (won't say how) and can't wait to sit down and watch it.
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