A new method to deal with the summer tempers

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7/26/12 11:28:21AM
Flamewars have been on the rise this week, and I say the best way to fight the tempers isn't to look at cute things, but to come together and unite by enjoying a hearty laugh at the expenses of people even more dumb than any of us.
I am guilty of the roman candle thing, at very least
7/26/12 1:37:36PM
I didn't get all the way through it, but the one where he tries to kick a soccer ball at the guy bending over had me rolling.
7/26/12 2:52:05PM
This is an MMA SITE dummy, I expect flame wars and bans. What you didn't say was you were going to win the site back.
(Chael sonnen voice)

7/26/12 3:26:51PM

#1 Ceiling fan girl

#2 Snowman Punch
7/26/12 3:33:31PM
Holy shit, I cannot stop laughing. I'm seriously dying here. Dude getting plowed by the car after jumping the set on his board had me in tears.
7/27/12 12:13:37AM
i have watched some stupid FAIL vid but this one was solid