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3/3/07 9:29:54AM

Way back when I was training JKD and saw UFC 1. I loved it. I started boxing and later took jiu-jitsu. I then started in a club that does MMA and love it. Hurt myself 2 years ago and am getting back into it just now. Just got new wrestling shoes, MMA gloves and shin guards and am back in the ring.

My favorite fighter

Nick Diaz
Jeremy Horn

Any fighter that keeps the fight moving. I hate laying on the ground in the guard. If the figher moves a lot, takes a few chances, then I like him/her.
If they take them to the ground and do ground and pound and lie down, I don't like them.

Nice site. Finally somewhere that I can pick the fights and don't have to write out the list of fighters.

3/3/07 4:03:18PM
Welcome, this is a fun site, and lots of good ppl on it. Your gonna like it.
3/4/07 12:24:40AM
gotta like the Horn fans. He is the fan. Welcome to the site. If you get bored of duxup try my camp. We all Cancuks representin the North.
7/18/07 11:46:45AM
Welcome to the site.
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