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7/8/07 3:29:29PM
just joined, good site wondering how u join a camp
any gsp or bj fans
7/8/07 4:32:17PM
New Memeber also, Penn is a great fighter. Loved seeing his win over Pulver. I'm a huge Matt Hughes fan. Wasn't able to see the fights last night. After seeing the Ortiz and Evans ended in a draw I'm glad I didn't pay to see it. I think fights should never end in a draw. Go to a Sudden Death round, the winner of that wins the fight. Fights ending in draws suck for those who paid to see it. We pay to see a winner not a draw. You agree?

I'm looking forward to the GSP vs. Koscheck fight. Don't know if Koscheck is ready yet, but he got my attention after beating Deigo Sanchez.

Matt Hugh vs. Serra coming in Nov (UFC 79) You picking a winner yet?

7/8/07 5:55:10PM
yea i think gsp over koschek and hughes over serra then they meet again and gsp champion once again, thinkin bit to far ahead but thats how i see it
7/8/07 11:39:55PM
GSP will handle Kos...but I think Serra might suprise Hughes..he has had trouble with good BJJ fighters in the past.
Welcome to both of you by the way..
7/9/07 7:00:19PM
thanks man...ya u might be right serra might suprise him i hope but i dont knoww
7/17/07 5:27:58PM
7/18/07 12:59:56AM
7/18/07 11:44:34AM
welcome to the playground
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