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8/30/08 5:26:40PM
Hello Fellow League Members. My name in Martin Tucker. I am an instructor in Okinawan Shohei Ryu Karatedo & Kobudo in Brandon, Ms. I have been studying and training in Shohei Ryu for almost 5 years and have been an instructor for almost a year. I have also trained in Tai Kwon Do for over 3 years, BJJ for about 1 year when I was a teenager. I have just recently begun training and studying Tai Chi Chuan. I teach a traditional Okinawan Karate style and teach and train with six weapons. Bo (Shushi No Kon Shu kata), Tonfa (Matayoshi No Shodan kata), Sai ( Naga No Nakamura kata), Nunchucku ( Naga No Matayoshi kata), Jiffa ( Me No Jiffa kata), Timbei/Rochin ( Matayoshi no Timbei kata). All katas are traditional Okinawan katas. Check out my karate schools web page, Tuckers Karate of Okinawa.

I need some people for my fight camp. Its the TKO Dragons. Join in.
8/30/08 6:48:47PM
welcome to the playground
8/30/08 9:13:50PM

Posted by thevoodooninja

welcome to the playground

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