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3/9/08 1:04:31PM
Very good read. Talks about being inducted at 82, his upcoming battle with Lesnar, training plans, and much more more! Take a look!

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3/9/08 1:16:11PM
Very good read. I'm telling you guys right now, Coleman will beat Lesnar!!!

Coleman's experience and technique > Lesnar's inexperience and reckless abandon!! Not to mention Coleman's the better wrestler!!! He went to the olympics, Lesnar went WWE. Not to mention Coleman is strong as hell and he's pitbull with those takedowns. Don't stop til you drop!!!
3/9/08 2:46:14PM
I have started reading this interview twice, and I have been interrupted twice. I'll have to get back to it later. But what I did read was good news. It looks like he is very motivated for the Lesnar fight. And looks like he is going to get all of the help he needs to train the right way.

Coleman could very well take Lesnar out in this fight. That would be a pretty nice accomplishment added to his HallofFamer status. Old Wrestler takes out young wrestler. Good Luck Coleman.
3/9/08 4:23:50PM
Hell yeah, man... nice find. Props to you.

It's interesting how he talks about the ring vs. cage debate. No offense to Coleman, but of course wrestling and GnP guys do great in the cage (Coleman himself, and Rampage) Crocop is going to have tons of problems in the cage because he's been a ring fighter his whole life, and he's a standup fighter.

Anyway, we've already discussed how Coleman has the skills to beat Lesnar since he is superior in almost all departments, so...


I hope he goes to Rutten's camp or Couture's
3/9/08 8:31:13PM
Randleman said on those Punch Drunk Gamer forums where he answers questions that Mark will be coming with him to Vegas so that's plus
3/10/08 3:56:45AM
THX for the post............Coleman is going to surprise alot of the new fans!!!!!!!!

3/10/08 5:10:50AM
hopefully coleman can pull this off but he is facing a beast
3/10/08 12:28:15PM
I just don't see how Coleman can pull this off. Yes, he has 5 months to train but so does Brock.
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