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2/6/08 7:39:39PM
Davis thinks he is top ten but overall he admits that he needs a lot more work.

Talks CC, Fedor, GSP!!

PDG: You see “luck” and “fluke” thrown around a lot. Like in PRIDE when Kevin Randleman knocked out Mirko “Cro Cop” people called it a lucky punch – but Randleman was training that specific punch as a defense against Mirko’s kicks.
Marcus: Yeah, it makes no sense and it drives me crazy when people say lucky punch. The guy trained, it’s not luck! He threw the right technique at the right time – that’s not luck. That is a technical achievement in the fight. It’s not like a magical fairy came down and sprinkled dust and the guy got a KO [laughs]. That doesn’t happen.

PDG: Speaking of PRIDE, a hot topic recently revolves around comments you made about some of their fighters, like Fedor…
Marcus: Oh jeez.

PDG: Hey, I’m not giving you a hard time…
Marcus: [Laughs] I’m not saying that because of you; it’s just you don’t know how much hate mail I have received over this.

For the rest: PDG

2/6/08 7:58:51PM
Doesn't seem like the Marcus Davis that was on TUF to me. He's grown a lot in the sport, for sure, but I think some of the stuff he said was a little borderline. Still, I like the guy.

A fight between he and Gomi would be unbelievable
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