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1/30/07 4:39:43PM
Hello everyone, I am new here. I might as well come out and say this right now, TUF season one is what helped bring me into MMA. Now with that being said, since that time I have read forums and bought tapes from numerous promotions to better understand the great sport of MMA. I would say that all of you extremely intellectual people on the forums have helped me learn MMA at a very fast rate. I am excited for this game and would love to get in on a team.

My favorite fighters include but are not limited to

Fedor (of course)
"The Iceman" Chuck
Rich Franklin
Wanderlei "Axe Murderer" Silva
Ernesto Hoost (what can I say...he had a sweet leg kick)
1/30/07 5:15:50PM
Good picks on your favorite fighters, I agree with Fedor chuck and wanderlei. Good luck with your bets.. Been a fun site so far.
7/16/07 10:37:52PM
join us were looking for members
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