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POLL: What do you think of the new layout?
Awesome 33% (13)
It's alright; a little better than the past design 43% (17)
I liked the other one better 25% (10)
6/27/08 10:06:19PM

Posted by Copenhagen

Posted by wolfman

Posted by Copenhagen

I don't like how you can no longer see how long someone's been here without having to click on their profile.

The join date is right next to the prop meter bar and right below the total number of posts.

Haha, thanks. Gotta spread the love.

No problem man.

One thing I wish they still showed in the forums is when people are online, but now you can only see if they're online by clicking on profiles.
6/27/08 10:54:24PM
The forum and fight camp page is to small now (it seems thinner), and IMO there's to much advertising.
6/30/08 1:51:37PM
Never complain about Ad's unless you pay to support the site :P

I love ads! I'm a freeloader! More ads please!

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