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POLL: Which Div. has the Most Future Stars
HW 7% (2)
LHW 15% (4)
MW 11% (3)
WW 37% (10)
LW 15% (4)
FW or BW (not enough options to get there own) 15% (4)
2/5/10 7:45:05PM
Which div. has the most New/Young/Future MMA stars in the making? (EX: Bones at LHW or Dos Santos at HW)

I was just looking over some past fights and the WW division seems to have, just recently got, a wave of fresh new talent with major potential.

Ellenburger - 22-5 - fighting since 2005, very impressive performance against Condit and Pyle

Brian Foster - 13-4 - fighting since 2006, Absolutely WRECKED Brock Larson, only loss in UFC is to the next guy on this list

Rick Story - 9-3 - fighting since 2007, Very green and talented two of his losses came in his 1st and 3rd pro fights and the other came to (again) the next guy on my list

John Hathaway- 12-0 - Fighting since 2006, Record says it all, 3-0 in UFC, wins over Story and Paul Taylor

Nick Osipczak- 5-0 - Fighting since 2008, Very well rounded with huge potential

Rory Mcdonald - 10-0 - Fighting since *2005* (is only 20 years old right now, was 15 or 16 in debut ) Has finished every single opponent, and again, He is only 20 YEARS OLD. Damn. bright Future

Marius Zaromskis - 13-4 - Fighting since *2000* (first 2 fights in 2000, 1-1, didnt return to mma until 2005) the oldest guy on this list. Has exploded onto the mma scene over the past year, Impresseive, dropped diaz only to be dropped minutes later but very impressive otherwise

Now what does everyone else think? Which Div. has the most future stars and who are they in the Div? How does my WW breakdown look, Agree? Disagree? Did I forget someone? Am I overrating some one?

2/5/10 8:09:02PM
Well my personal new favorite young guns look like this:

Jon " Bones " Jones
Paul " Semtex" Dayley
Anthony " Rumble" Johnson
and Dan Severn

I voted for Welter by the way
ellenburger also

2/5/10 8:27:05PM

The plethora of styles present in the division will allow more contenders to rise up from obscurity.

For instance - You will probably see very few (and by very few, i mean never) new Ground and Pound-type fighters in the LHW division, due to the fact that nearly every contender in that division has Impeccable Takedown Defense. Making it essentially a strikes division. Thank you Chuck.

Each division has its fair share of fighter "types" that will simply not be successful due to a large population of fighters who are built to beat their style, being present in the division.

The division with the most Parity is the MW division. And because of the varying styles at the very top of the heap, a contender can be born without having to excel in a particular facet of the sport.
2/6/10 12:44:53PM
I voted HW as JDS and Velazquez are gonna make a splash in the UFC HW title picture very soon. Not to mention other good young prospects such as Todd Duffee, Struve, Lashley, and Brett Rodgers.
2/6/10 12:53:43PM
Its pretty tough call...The lower WC's (LW,WW,MW) are almost boring right now due to the dominance of their LW I can't see anyone that has a chance against BJ(at least in the UFC)...GSP...same thing, at this point I think Nick Diaz might be the only one with a chance against him and I still think GSP pounds on him for 25 mins...As far as MW goes...well I'm hoping Vitor doesn't **** the bed against Anderson...and I am interested in Nate getting a rematch but its still hard to see anyone taking Anderson unless all of them move up a division or retire I don't feel the up and comers have a lot of hope. The Lhw division has the most potential simply because of the closeness of competition...Bones Jones looks great, Bader has potential...mousasi...but I guess gun to my head...I will have to say WW just because of volume of guys coming and not there chances to reach the top.
2/9/10 11:59:38PM
What about future stars in general.

Tyron Woodley WW
Gegard Mousasi LHW
Shane Del Rosario HW
Evan Dunham LW
Goran Reljic MW/LHW
Cain Velasquez HW
Junior Dos Santos HW
Phil Davis LHW
Ross Pearson LW
Eddie Alvarez LW
Rafael Calvalcante LHW
Luke Rockhold MW
Gilbert Melendez LW
Billy Evangelista LW
Alexander Gustaffson LHW
Chad Corvin HW
Blagoi Ivanov HW
Todd Duffee HW
Jon Jones LHW
Jim Miller LW
Johny Hendricks WW
Mamed Khalidov MW
Ryan Bader LHW
Jorge Masvidal LW
KJ Noons LW
Nick Osipczak WW
Paul Daley WW
Raul Castillo MW

There are tons more, but I am starting to get lazy

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