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4/10/09 7:22:29AM
Hey guys im 15 and i have been a meber for a little under 2 weeks now, i thought i would be appropriate to post my intro.

Im from Australia and i have been supporting UFC for about 2 years now, i have been really passionate for about 12 months and loving it more by the day.
MMA isnt to big down under but its getting there. Anyway. Catch you guys later.

PS cannot wait for the ufc game, any of you boys know when a demo will be released?
4/10/09 7:33:40AM
Next week.
4/10/09 7:51:11AM
what up, im from Australia aswell and I also joined this site when i was 15
4/10/09 4:41:10PM
Hows it going...recently new member as well...welcome to the playground
4/16/09 3:19:58AM
The UFC: Undisputed 2009 demo is due out on the 23rd of April on both PSN and Xbox Live.
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