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3/30/07 12:15:34PM
"I've fought tougher guys than Melvin when i was 16 years old."

can't copy the interview, so here is the link


good read, he talks about melvin, big bear, diaz vs gomi, predictions, etc
3/30/07 12:29:27PM

Joe tell us what you really
3/30/07 1:01:43PM
i like joe daddy, but melvin's my boy. and i cant wait to see stevenson hit the floor after eating a right.
3/30/07 1:25:44PM
are they both training up in Big Bear?

i remember seeing Joe Stevenson training with Kendall Grove so could they be training in the same place?
3/30/07 2:23:04PM recently caught up with UFC lightweight contender Joe “Daddy” Stevenson to discuss his April 5th showdown with Melvin “Young Assassin” Guillard. Stevenson talks about what he feels are Guillard’s weaknesses, a first round TKO as well as Nick Diaz’s victory over Takanori Gomi at Pride 33. A must read interview from one of the UFC’S fastest rising stars!

PC: How is everything going and how is Big Bear treating you?

JS: Big Bear is awesome. Last time we were out here it was colder than it is right now, but there’s snow on the ground. Tell me how that is; I don’t know. You have cold temperatures and you could walk around in a t-shirt and shorts. Last time I was up here, boogers froze on your face. I it was horrible.

PC: How is training going for your fight against Melvin Guillard on April 5th?

JS: Training is going awesome. Josh Burkman should be back in a couple weeks from his knee. He’s up here training right now and giving me a lot of emotional support. That’s pretty cool. I have some Thai guys up here and my boxing coach, Irvin Bounds. My friend is up here getting ready for his fight, Cody Bollinger; everything is going awesome.

PC: What did you think of UFC 68?

JS: Man, was that an awesome card. I’ll tell you the truth. I called every PPV fight; every fight. Jason Lambert is my boy. He’s on this new kick and its working wonders for him. He’s going to do big things.

PC: In your last fight, you choked out Dokonjonosuke Mishima. How do you feel about that performance?

JS: I kneed him. I don’t practice knees. I kneed him and then he laterals me. Because I clinched; that was my bad. I wanted to stand with him. That’s all we were training. I have to take what someone gives me and he gave me his neck. I’m excited about that. You can’t be disappointed when you walk away with a bonus for choking him out.

PC: April 5th you’re fighting Melvin Guillard at the Pearl in Nevada. What do you think of Melvin as a fighter?

JS: Melvin’s awesome. He’s got explosive knockout power, very athletic, strength and he has a lot of attributes to him. I think I’m good at his weaknesses and he thinks that he’s good at my weaknesses, but my stand up isn’t that bad. I think if we were to measure up, I think that I can last longer on my feet with him than he could last on the ground with me. He’s sitting there running his mouth saying, “Ah, Joe don’t want to stand with me.” If I hit him in his jaw, it would shut him up for the rest of his life; or at least 3 months until the wires come off.

PC: Well I did hear that he called you a Jiu Jitsu rat and said that he knows it’s BS when you say you’re going to stand with him.

JS: Even if I am just a Jiu Jitsu rat, what is he going to say, “Ah, he didn’t stand with me he had to choke me out? He had to break my ankle or my arm.” You’re going to hear a million things. I guess that’s the best thing he could say coming into this fight. He’s going to have another thing coming if he opens his mouth and I hit him with my right hand.

PC: This is a classic grappler vs. striker type match up. What are some of the things you feel you need to do to have your hand raised at the end of the night?

JS: I need to push the pace; keep the tempo. I don’t care how good of shape he comes in; I’m going to come in better shape. I don’t care how strong he is; I’m going to be stronger. I don’t care how good his hands are; my hands are going to be ready. I don’t care how good his ground is; my ground is going to be phenomenal. That’s just the way we look at it. Every practice we come in here we give 110%. If there’s a mess up, we go in there and fix it. We look at our sparring and see what we could do to improve it. Every time we spar, it’s better and better and better and when we peak, Melvin’s in trouble.

PC: What do you see as some of his biggest weaknesses as well as his strengths?

JS: It’s a thin line between cocky and confident and he’s not confident. To be a champion, you have to be one or the other. Where we look at it’s his weakness to be cocky, it’s also his strongest point. That’s what I’m looking at. It’s going to play into his hands and it will play into his striking game. He can dish it up, but we’ll see how he likes to take it. He’s never been ground n pounded by a guy like me. These other 55 pounders hit him and he eats them, but when there is nothing but the cage floor and my elbow goes through his head, there’s no moving or nothing; he could even block it and it will go through. Most the time after my fights and I’ve thrown my elbows, they are sore from how much damage they do. He hits me on my feet and I’m able to move; my feet are fine. I’m able to move my body. I’m able to absorb and move. I hit him on the ground, there’s nowhere to go.

PC: Melvin likes to talk a lot of shit going into fights. Did you need any extra motivation going into this fight?

JS: They’ve been throwing some top ranked guys at me and the motivation was I want to beat them and take their place and I’m going to be the champ. They throw Melvin at me and I’m not going to let this guy take my place. It’s my place, it’s my time; it’s my shot. He’s not in the main event because he’s Melvin Guillard; he’s in the main event because he’s fighting Joe “Daddy” Stevenson. This kid has me so hyped, I dropped my phone!

PC: I like to read the message boards and derive my questions from them. A lot of people are picking you to win, but the ones that are not are saying he’s too fast for you. What will you do to nullify his speed?

JS: Think he’s too fast? He can be as fast as he wants to be. When I put his back against that cage and pick him up over my head and slam him on his head, what’s he going to do? My weight cutting has become easier and my muscle stamina has gone up. My game plans have improved. I start cutting from 185. I’m going to walk in that cage at 175 after I cut. What’s he going to do with 10 more pounds on him?

PC: How do you feel this fight will end? What’s your prediction?

JS: First round TKO from strikes! You know what’s going to happen? I’m going to hit him so many times, he’s liable to give me a choke. He’ll give me something. I’m not the last guy he fought that took his back and couldn’t finish him. If I take his back, he’s going to go to sleep. He’s never fought someone like me. He’s never fought anyone of my caliber. I’ve fought tougher guys than him when I was 16 years old. I’m not about to let him take away from my kids. He won’t take food from my family. It’s my time.

PC: How does it feel to headline a UFC card?

JS: It feels awesome. I’m excited. This is the first lightweight main event. It’s going to be one of many lightweight main events to come.

PC: Do you think the winner of this fight will get Sean Sherk next?

JS: Hopefully, but Sean’s got a tough fight in Hermes and whatever I can do to put my head out there I will, but I’m not going to get on my knees and beg. I think I show them by finishing the guys that they throw at me and giving great performances.

PC: What did you think of Nick Diaz defeating Gomi at Pride 33?

JS: What are you going to say, Pride…you go look on the internet they got Sean Sherk ranked 10th. What? They have too much of Pride people thinking their smaller, so they invest more in their lightweights. No they don’t. In America we have a little less recognition at lightweight until now. UFC is pumping up their lightweight division.

PC: Always a pleasure Joe. Anything you want to say in closing?

JS: I want to give a shout out to the sponsors, Sprawl, Warrior Wear, Xyience and Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu in Vegas. I want to thank all of my friends up here that I mentioned before hand helping me out; going through the difficult times and things. When I’m weak I have my coaches and my friends here to help me.

3/30/07 3:25:12PM
I think Joe's right. his stand up is better than Melvins ground game. and if Joe's been training and sparing with Burkman he should have a pretty good idea of what Melvin can do.
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