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9/18/12 1:31:16AM
A New Jersey-based trainer pleaded guilty today to falsifying medical paperwork so his fighters could fight without undergoing pre-bout physicals.

The state attorney general office will recommend 49-year-old Mahwah, N.J. resident Philip Dunlap be sentenced to probation, 200 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine.

"The sport is criticized enough, and young enough where it's still trying to grow," New Jersey State Athletic Control Board legal counsel Nick Lembo today told ( "We don't need somebody getting hurt ... off of fake medicals."

Dunlap, who trains fighters out of Advanced Fighting Systems in Mahwah, agreed to a plea deal in connection with a third-degree felony charge of tampering with public records or information. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 26.

9/18/12 2:16:41AM
What a negligent trainer....I get it, everybody wants to get paid, but this guy put a guy who would likely put himself in a potentially fatal situation at tremendous risk. Fighters will fight regardless of their physical results. Those guys are a different breed. They'll fight with broken limbs, concussions, blurry vision, etc... This trainer should be fired for allowing a fighter to fight without being properly screened. This is the type of oversight that has caused guys in the past to die in the cage or ring. Not okay in my book.

P.s. if you guys have never seen californication check it out. I made a point to watch "it's always sunny" based on a recommendation which I definitely don't regret so if you haven't seen the Hank Moody show check it out!
9/18/12 2:29:45AM
I have no respect for dudes that pull this kind of shit. This guy shouldn't be able to have anything to do with this sport