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5/12/08 7:01:09PM
On June 1st, Jens “Little Evil” Pulver will attempt to join an elite class when he fights for his second world title in his second weight division. The Militich warrior will be facing an uphill battle when he takes on the reigning WEC Featherweight Champion, and top ten pound for pound star Urijah Faber In this must read interview a calm and confident Jens talks about his plans for Urijah, gives his predictions on some of the biggest up and coming fights, and has a special message for all you young fighters out there aspiring to be a champion. All of this and much more in this Big House Boxing exclusive.

5/12/08 9:40:09PM
Great find man!!
I never realized Cory Hill was so tall!! 6;4 and only 155lb! A strong breeze could blow him away!
5/12/08 9:55:19PM
Definitively pulling for Jens when i show up to the Arco Arena in sac-town
5/12/08 10:04:59PM
Yeah, I hope he takes it to Faber and lays him out in the 2nd round!
5/13/08 1:01:19AM
I like both fighters, going to be a great fight I think.
I am pulling for Jens though.
Maybe its just pity????
5/29/08 12:34:16PM
I'll be pulling for Jens on this one.
5/29/08 6:39:59PM

Posted by silverbullet

I'll be pulling for Jens on this one.

Me too haha.
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