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7/3/11 7:11:42AM
Hey everyone, I don't remember if I introduced myself in this forum 4 1/2 years ago or if I jumped straight into the other forums so hello. I'm Kpro and I'm a fan of the sport of UFC and their feeder organization, MMA. I look forward to talking with you all.
7/3/11 8:20:53AM
Pm me your number and your ice cream topping of choice.

7/3/11 8:26:11AM
7/4/11 1:03:07PM
7/13/11 11:11:35PM
You would be surprised how many mma fans who consider themselves to be knowledgeable made that mistake when they first started watching mma.

I remember when I first started watching mma on vhs tapes, mma and the ufc were used interchangeably in not just my vocabulary but with most people I knew of as well. Back then, I did not know anything about mma; all I knew was the ufc.

When someone makes that mistake, I tend to look the other way as I once made that mistake myself.
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