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4/24/07 9:48:21AM
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Here's the translation from someone at Sherdog:

Although a KO he survived looked deadly, Mirko Filipovic does not have a headache. He's ankle is bruised though.

I'm not going to do anything for two weeks. I won't be drinking vitamines or proteines. I'm gonna clear my body. I'm a very spiteful person, and I wanted to start training the same night I came home but i know that would be contra - productive – says Mirko.

Mirko feels very bad he disappointed his fans, especially ones who came to Manchester to support him. And he does not care for people who enjoyed his fall!

„I'm not obliged to anybody for justification. Except for 2 years in amateur boxing where few boxing turnament trips were payed for me, no sporting association has invested in me. I'm my own investment.“

He has no excuse for his performance. He does not know what happened, but he can say in what state he was:

„I don't have an alibi.To me it happens once in a while. I looks like I was blown out after I won OWGP. I wasn't happy even with my first fight in UFC. This time also i didn't decided to go in some exchange of strikes. There was no fighting spirit in me, I was lost!

Mirko added that he had no iniciative and no strategy!
„What happened had nothing to do with my preparations and conditioning. It has to do with concentracion in the fight and focusing on the opponent. Before the fight I was nervous, thinking about stupid things – i was in some bad mood altogether. It just looks I'm that kind of guy. I need a rude awakening to get focused again.

He says he didn't even see the HK coming:

„After those elbow shots to the tample, when I stood up, all I saw was sam blurry stuff.“
Mirko said he's gonna do some changes in his trainings. He's gonna do elbows and defendin elbows wich he didn't do.

„I'm not used to elbows. But that's my problem. And I have to do special trainings for my ankles witch had been hurt many times.“

And he stated he wants a rematch with Gonzaga.
4/24/07 10:09:04AM
Glad to hear is isnt taking anything away from Gonzaga, who was excellent......I respect Mirko alot for coming back after Randleman and Fedor........and im sure he will come back stronger after Gonzaga.......but will he ever get to be a ufc or pride champion? He seems cursed!?!
4/24/07 10:54:30AM
why does everyone mentioned his losses to fedor and randelman but not hunt and big nog ??
4/24/07 11:05:27AM
Hunt was fairly close IMO and he was killing Nog until he made a mistake.

Fedor dominated him, and Randleman KHTFO. GG did both last weekend. So they are better comparisons IMO.

EDIT: Mentally, I think getting dominated and/or KTFO would be worse than a fairly close decision or getting caught in a sub
4/24/07 1:13:57PM
Mirko is a classy guy... I cant wait for him to be back in the cage kick heads off
4/24/07 1:55:57PM
He didnt look like himself. He looked kinda nervous and mad. "Lost" like he said... Nonetheless, he lost and he screwed up.
4/24/07 2:13:30PM

Posted by loller90278

why does everyone mentioned his losses to fedor and randelman but not hunt and big nog ??

I suppose because Randleman and Hunt wernt expected to beat him. Randleman isnt even in the same league of skill as CC, but pulled off a fluke victory, and even though Hunt is a very, very tough guy, people underestimate him.

Everyone know Fedor / CC could go either way, same for Nogueira / CC, even though CC was dominating, and Nog snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
4/24/07 3:41:53PM
Mirko is a true competitor, he knows that you don't always win and doesn't try to make any excuses. He made mistakes in preparing for the fight and lost, but will be back with a vengeance. Too bad though, I was looking forward to seeing him and Randy fight, I think that would have been a great one.
4/24/07 4:54:19PM
I thought he might have been discouraged and hurt after the elbows cause i know hes not use to that...guess i was right... i was suprised to find out that he didnt train elbows at all....
4/25/07 2:06:30AM
i'd pick mirko in the rematch

he probably just didnt take gonzaga seriously as most of the other mma fans didnt and with all the upsets that have been happening it should of been more easy to stop

or else maybe gonzaga is just gonna be the new stud in ufc, i mean noone really knew who anderson silva was before he came over to ufc and beat the shit out of chris leban and rich franklin

hell everyone in the world thought gsp was gonna be champion for a long ass time and he lost to matt serra on his first title defense. i mean who the **** expected the guy who got knocked out by a back fist from shonie carter to beat gsp hahahaha

whats next? jeremy "lil heathen" stephens submitting sean sherk?
4/25/07 4:16:29AM

Posted by Sam_Rothstein

whats next? jeremy "lil heathen" stephens submitting sean sherk?

Nah, probably Rampage by flying armbar in the first 10 seconds
4/29/07 10:39:39PM

Posted by Manfred

Posted by Sam_Rothstein

whats next? jeremy "lil heathen" stephens submitting sean sherk?

Nah, probably Rampage by flying armbar in the first 10 seconds

hahaha either that or he pulls a flying heel hook ryo chonan got on anderson silva

did anyone see that shit? crazy
Fanboy 1988
4/30/07 2:40:27AM
The ankle lock the japanese dude was sick!

But yeah, Cro Cop didn't seem like himself in that fight, I don't know if it was the nerves that got to him or maybe he was alittle suprised at how well Gonzaga was moving and throwing punches....

I'd probably pick Cro Cop in a rematch giving if he trains how to defend elbows which I'm sure he will..
5/8/07 5:11:38PM
yeah i will that on the fact that cro crop usually does a lot better in the fights he has a chance of losing and usually loses when everything thinks he will dominate

i mean when everyone thought he was supposed to destroy kevin randleman, randleman came in and knocked him the **** out! but in the rematch cro crop choked him out in 41 seconds

i see him getting in the ring next time to let everyone know why he is the best striker in the sport or maybe even switching it up and training hard with werdum on his ground game

who knows i just see him winning the rematch for sure.. if it happens
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