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5/10/08 5:49:05PM
Hey im young (16) and havent actually began fighting but id like to get into the sport.
I just have a few questions..

1. I think i may not be the right size. i am about 6'2" and like 180. i just feel lanky. is there any fighting style that would put my size to advantage?

2. I feel as if i am pretty fit and strong from football.. I believe im pretty conditioned, and i can rep squat 300 lbs maybe 8 times.. my bench isnt that impressive though.. my max being a little bit over my body weight. is this anywhere near decent?

3. is there any at-home technique drills a can do?

5/11/08 12:57:39PM
I'm really not an expert at this kind of stuff, but i would think that muay tai would be a good martial art for someone as tall as you, since you would obviously have a reach advantage over most people. But, like i said, i'm not an expert, so if someone could confirm my advice that would be great!
5/12/08 3:50:10PM
As you can see in MMA jujitsu is really big. That would be one aspect to check out. See if there is a local gym that offers it.
another thing to think of is see if you can join your H.S. wrestling team if you have one. (assuming you are still in H.S.) I am thinking that you are a Jr. in H.S.? if so wrestling season usally starts right as football season is ending.Even if you only join for your Sr. year you can gain alot of good knowledge and most teams are more than happy to get someone your size on the team.
My son has wrestled for three years and will wrestle this next year as a Sr. We always get alot of football players join when thier season is over. Including Seniors that want to do as much as they can before school's over.
Anyhow some things to think on.
Good luck
5/29/08 3:34:39AM
you can go to camps for wrestling and develop those skills, also there are clinic out there, if your in california you can check out Dan Hendersons on July 26th for more info go to good luck
5/30/08 3:25:28PM
5/30/08 4:27:42PM
Hey welcome to the site... I am also 16 so at least you know there is someone your age. I don't about the rules where you live but I don't think MMA is sanctioned for anybody under 18.

If not then I suggest wrestling and then joining a jujitsu class too, that will help.
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