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1/27/10 4:50:08PM
If any MMA fighter's life could be compared to that of a rock star, it would be Chuck Liddell's. If you've ever been around Liddell when he's on The Strip, you know exactly who the the new King of Vegas is. However, just because you can spot Liddell on the party scene, it doesn't mean he's getting tipsy.

1/27/10 6:27:56PM
"Mr. Jameson"

1/27/10 8:01:27PM

Posted by RearNakedJoke

"Mr. Jameson"

That was the part that stuck out for me too. props to the author
1/28/10 12:10:01PM
Mr. Jameson didn't jump out at me cuz i've seen it several times before but i was probably would have been good if Chuck had made these changes several years ago. Maybe it wouldn't have mattered but it could have
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