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1/18/09 5:11:23AM
well after hearing that chuck was going to start training at ATT will we see a new chuck when he squares off against shogun at UFC 97, or will this be the last time we see the iceman in action, cause if he loses this time i think he needs to hang up the gloves, but i don't think we'll need to worry about chuck losing this one considering how bad shogun preformed yesterday.

p.s. does chuck train full time at ATT or was that a one time deal.
1/18/09 5:13:58AM
I think he trained for a week or two with them and they said he's more than welcome anytime he wants. I'm not to sure but i think he's going back up to train with them again soon.
I'll have a dig about and see if i can find a article on it.
1/18/09 7:47:34AM
It would be nice if the old dog can learn some new tricks. But against top competition, I'll be betting against him.
1/18/09 9:07:26AM
To be honest I'm not sure he was even "training" with them in the first place. from what I remember he was there to assist with instructing a striking clinic.
1/18/09 1:42:34PM
It is good to see Chuck going elsewhere to train, BUT I think he is just abour done against the big boys, he just can't hang any more.
1/18/09 3:37:01PM
chuck has been with att and some other camps from time to time. hackleman thinks its good if chuck gets some fresh training besides the PIT. he has done it in the past and will do it in the future but his main camp will always be hackleman and the pit
1/18/09 3:53:51PM
I wouldn't be surprised to see Chuck as the LHW champ again before the end of 2010.

Chuck still has tenacious striking. During that exchange with Rashad--the way they were winging punches it could have very easily been Rashad laying in a heap. I think Chuck still has a lot of tools he hasn't shown. We all know he has great wrestling, but he's never really been a GnP guy. With Chuck's power though, he could turn himself into one of the top GnP guys at LHW.

I just think Chuck is a guy who learns from his mistakes (except for Rampage), but he came back to win his rematch against Horn, and he beat Randy Couture twice after losing their first fight.

Take this into consideration...Forrest and Chuck both lost to Jardine and Rashad...Forrest beat Quinton...Chuck didn't...Chuck beat Tito Ortiz....Forrest didn't...Forrest beat Shogun...Chuck is fighting Shogun.

I hate to use MMA math, but that puts Chuck just about one the same level as Forrest in my mind, who is still clearly in the thick of things at LHW.
1/18/09 4:28:02PM
I would like to see a new and improved chuck.
1/18/09 6:04:45PM
I dunno I think if he faces strikers he'll continue to lose, and in the LHW div now theres more strikers and less wrestlers. Also theres a pretty easy formula to beat Chuck, get him to chase(he will) and he'll open up(always) and you can beat him to the punch(he's slowing down).
1/19/09 10:57:31AM
I doubt he'll change his style. A former champion and poster-boy for the sport who is closing in on 40 years old doesn't have much motivation to go out of his comfort zone, particularly for fights that aren't the big events he once had.

He prefers to fight a certain way. The guy is an ex-college wrestler who almost never takes his opponents down and he's been training sub fighting for at least a decade and never goes for a submission. Even if he learned new tricks, he would be unlikely to use them in an actual fight.
1/19/09 6:10:04PM
if he wants another shot at the title we will have to see a new and improved chuck, but i don't think we will, chuck is what he is and he is a legend of the sport and one of the greatest ever, but he doesn't have the hand speed he used to.
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