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POLL: Who wins and how
Chuck KO 56% (42)
Shogun KO 25% (19)
Shogun sub 0% (0)
Shogun Decision 9% (7)
Chuck Decision 9% (7)
3/19/09 3:41:17AM
This is a fight where it sucks to be a fan. I hate fights where neither fighter will move up a ton but if they lose they will be out potentially.
3/19/09 10:19:35AM
I gotta take Chuck in this one. Looking at Shogons last fight with Coleman, The Hammer was gassed too and was still managing to hit Shogun with telegraphed punches. He better cover up against Chuck and get that head moving.

Chuck has to come out and be patient and mix it up a bit, mabye some kicks and wait on the opening.
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