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8/5/09 1:25:34AM
I've had a little bad luck with camps from the moment I joined the playground. When I first started out I had a bunch of buddies together in a group for the purpose of discussing picks and making smarter decisions. Things fell apart when my buddies stopped logging in all together. At the beginning of the season I was apart of a pretty kewl brand new camp. There was even a sense of comradery among the members but it was disbanded by the leader, I'm assuming because of lack of picks. Afterwards I joined another camp, but it was complete trash, no conversation among the group at all. So that brings me here. Alone and looking for a new place to discuss picks and strategies. I do make all of my picks in both leagues... Question is who is willing to pick me?
8/5/09 8:40:05AM
I'm sure ATT or CPT would be glad to have you. We'd love to have you on Sabotage, Inc. but we just filled our last opening yesterday.

Regardless...good luck wherever you end up!
8/5/09 3:19:29PM
bullies seem like the camp for you. active message board, and great breakdown of the picks. send FlashyG a pm and I'm sure we'll be glad to have you.
8/7/09 1:50:21PM
Ask for an invite to Team Valcom from Sticksta13.
8/10/09 2:24:46AM
thank you guys for your input. I have research to do and props to give
8/10/09 2:26:56AM
Rage in the Cage is looking for new members if your interested. We are a small fight camp but we are trying to get bigger. We all make our picks and our message board is starting to become more active. If your interested PM Submisshaun.
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